We have already said that we are sea and sailing enthusiasts, and we truly are. We love the sea and spending time there. Whenever you board one of our yachts, you place into our hands your own time, your holiday time, which is probably the most important in the whole year, and we value this highly.

The skippers may change from time to time, but they all share the same philosophy. We believe that taking people out to sea, whether sailing or hopping from cove to cove, means sharing and being curious. We enjoy a slow and relaxed pace, being in the sun, going for a swim whenever possible, and letting you explore the islands.

Our number one priority is safety, for the boat and passengers, even when this means the skipper may have to make some decisions that people may not like. Do not worry, this happens very rarely and the skipper will always clearly explain why he has made that decision.

The main skipper that also coordinates the other skippers on board has a wealth of experience, with 4 ocean crossings and thousands of miles under his keel. He was part of the Malingri team sailing from Greece to Cape Verde on the yacht that transported the beach catamaran with which the team broke the long-distance world record for beach cats on the route Dakar- Guadeloupe in 2017. He holds a Yachtmaster Ocean qualification with required commercial permit issued by the Royal Yachting Association.